This past year, I was faced with one of the hardest decisions ever. I knew that it was time to make this difficult transition but I really feared the consequence. I feared the judgement of my friends, family and church members.  Would they judge me, isolate me, distance themselves? At some point, I decided it didn’t matter. I was willing to accept whatever came because I trusted my decision.

After walking away from my church of 7 years, I no longer had the comfort of community or a platform to launch me. It was just me. Somehow, the holy spirit affirmed I was enough. I was confident that I heard the voice of the lord for myself and that there was more in me that the Lord was ready to reveal. It was time to Do it Scared.

The irony is that the last message I preached June of 2019 my catch phrase was Do It Scared. Who would’ve thought 6 months later I would’ve had to conquer my own fear and do exactly what I was encouraging others to do. So I did it. I prayed and fasted and then I made a plan to launch my network. I paid for everything… the makeup and the photoshoot. To say this was a sacrifice is an understatement but I was very specific on my purpose and vision. I don’t have an income outside of my military checks. My husband and I no longer had the comfort of two incomes so that I could be a stay-at-home mom. Despite our finances, my husband embraced by vision with a smile and often expressed how proud he was.

It was freezing the day of the shoot. Not to mention it started to rain on our natural, pressed hair (our hair started to look like poodles). Not one woman complained. They just kept expressing how honored they were to be apart of my vision. We had to walk across a huge bridge, over water, and they were visibly uncomfortable but posed like they were paid models. I couldn’t believe that they believed in me that much.

Who would have thought that 14 days after launching, we would be featured in multiple social media groups and that thousands of women have been inspired from my vision. The vision I almost forfeited. So many women have reached out me saying how proud they were. People provided me discounts because they believed in me. And guess what? They are still believing. We even have our first event 25 days after we launched.

Moral of the story:

I did it scared.

I’m still doing it scared.

I told God yes, scared.

I asked people to believe in me, even though I was scared.

I believed that if I believed in me, just maybe I could inspire others to believe in themselves.

Do it scared. I promise the reward is sweeter when you face you fear head on.

You have what it takes. Remember, brave people do it scared. Go ahead and make history.

Warm Regards,


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